1603 Hand laying trolley

The hand laying trolley is available in widths 1 650, 1 800 and 2 000 mm. A part of the hand laying trolley is a travel path attached to the table framework. The trolley is equipped with a stand and a turntable. The turntable allows the rotation of the material without releasing it from supporting rod. This turntabled trolley permits substantial increase of productivity of labour, it is attended by one worker. The trolley is fitted with an automatic clamps. The laying table is not part of the order, it is necessary to order it separately.

CAUTION: The device is not suitable for laying knits and elastane.

Laying of material reverse - obverse without cut

After setting the required length, we pass the truck between the outer positions. The laying cart itself captures the fabric in the outer positions.

One-way laying of material with cut

After setting the required position, we pass the truck just before the outer position. We perform cut, to cut we can use cutting bar for laying cart, then perform motion to the outer position. Repeat the procedure until the required number of positions is reached.

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