1607 Hand slitting bar

The hand slitting bar is an additional device for cutting table. It consists of a vertical guide, a horizontal guide and clamping slat and a own motor-driven cutting machine provided with circular many-sided knife. The actuator of slitting machine is driven by means of a tipping hand lever. The whole device is fastened to the table top with a hand-operated bolt. The hand clamping bar is an additional device for a cutting table. Along with a hand slitting bar and the lay-down table make one whole representing a simple a cheap technical device. The hand clamping bar also consists of a vertical guide and a horizontal clamping bar. The clamping bar is adjustable lenghtwise the whole table which enables to change of lenght position within a table lenght. Available widths: 1 650, 1 800 and 2 000 mm.

The initial position is the default position of the cutting machine, which is positioned outside of the work place. After moving from default position the cutter automatically starts.
After cutting of material and then returning to the initial position, the cutting machine automatically turns off.

The control bar - serves to move the machine from the initial position to the end position (cut).
Pressure bar - after cut of the material remains the cut piece on the pressure bar and after lifting the cut piece falls underneath the pressure bar that it compresses and thereby prevents its spontaneous movement on the worktop (used for stacking).
Arresting bar - is used for arresting pressure bar at the top position (for easy removal of the cut layer of fabric)
Lifting mechanism - it is a simple mechanism for easy lifting pressure bar, which is used for stacing of material
Switchboard - switchboard is equipped with a main switch and controls of the rotation speed of the cutting mechanism in the range of 1,2

Cutting mechanism can be equipped with circular, quadrilateral knife or knife with ten edges.

Standardly is cutting mechanism equipped with a circular knife.

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