1700 Laying pin table, width 1 700 mm

The laying pin table is equipped with 10 sets of a needles which serves to puncturing individual points on the fabric to a pre-ready position. Each set (row) of needles is possible to move in the longitudinal axis of the table at the desired distance. The set position of row of needles is fixed on both sides with a clamping lever. Successive ejection rows of needles is controlled by wheel. Unnecessary needles from a row of needles may be put out of operation by simply turning. The distance of the needles in the transverse length of the table is 140 mm. Own tabletop is optionally equipped with an air "cushion" which allows easier handling position. Surface of the table consists of anodized aluminum profiles that provide desktop its high service life. The table is supplied as standard set of 80 pieces fixation stands with 4 needles, which along with the "air cushion" ensures easy shifting positions to the actual cutting without releasing of material. The length of the needle table is 4 000 mm. The height is adjustable 850 – 950 mm. The pneumatic transverse cutting machine 1700-1 is an additional equipment for a pin table and ensures a cutting of unwinding material. Triaxial stand allows simultaneous clamping roll with perforated paper, interlaced material and polyethylene film. Reputed material stored in the stand in the highest position is equipped with a turntable that allows rewind roll and thereby laying the material constantly in one direction.

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