Cutting technology

In the offer for cutting room you will find a complete solution for equipping your workshops such as laying tables, cutting bars, carts for transport of rolled material etc. We will be pleased to prepare for you a tailored offer, please contact us for more information.

1600 Laying table

The table is produced in widths 1 650 mm, 1 850 mm or 2 000 mm (width can be...

1601 Unwind stand

The unwind stand is an attachement for unwinding and hand placing of rolled...

1610 Unwind stand portable

The unwinding stand is a detached device for unwinding and hand placing of the...

106R, 108R, 116R, 116RD, 116RM Container for rolled-up materials

The container is designed for easy handling with rolls of textile material at...

1603 Hand laying trolley

The hand laying trolley is available in widths 1 650, 1 800 and 2 000 mm. A...

2120 - Jacking equipment for loader to 1603

2120 - Jacking equipment for loader
This equipment serves for loading of roles with material on the laying cart 1603

1604 Set of devices for the knitted fabrics folding-up similarly to a book

Unwinding of rolled material is ensured with the drive by belts, forming the...

1605 Hand laying trolley for knitted fabrics

A part of a laying trolley is a travel path attached to the table framework....

1615 Laying ruler for knitted fabric

To the table top is attached a pair of stands for necessary placement length....

1607 Hand slitting bar

The hand slitting bar is an additional device for cutting table. It consists of...

1608 Machine slitting bar

The machine slitting bar is equipped with a pneumatic lifting of a slitting...

1609 - Cutting bar with cutting under pressure

1609 - Cutting line with cutting under table width of 2100 mm 1
The cutting bar is used to cut the thicker materials in 1 layer which is...

1625 Table with machine slitting bar


1206 Flat weight for laying table 495x50mm

1206 Flat weight for laying table 495x50mm
The weight is used for load of material during laying of position, total weight...

1700 Laying pin table, width 1 700 mm

The laying pin table is equipped with 10 sets of a needles which serves to...

6100 Fixing stand for securing of positions

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